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1. All movers are the same. They steal stuff, break stuff, charge way too much, etc. That is absolutely not true. With us, we charge a flat hourly rate with no hidden charges at all, and we have a great reputation for no-loss, damage-free moves. We are really good at what we do. We know how to pack quickly, but in a way that virtually eliminates damage. I promise you, your household goods stand a lot better chance of surviving the move without damage then if you try it yourself. Not just because we have the experience, but because we truly do care about you and the work we do.

2. It is better if you pack everything yourself. Again, this couldn't be further from the truth. Packing even your finest china can be done it a way that virtually eliminates damage during the move, but it is an art form that is better left to the pro's. To do it properly, you have to have the proper supplies and experience and know how. You need to know just what type of box to use, how to wrap each item properly, how to position each item within the box and how to layer it all properly. We make our living doing just that, and what it takes the average family several days to do, we can do in just a few hours, and when we do it, you can relax knowing that your family heirloom is going to make it just fine.

3. Labeling boxes isn't necessary. Wrong! It is very important; not so much when you pack the box, but definitely when it comes time to unpack. With no labeling, you are forced to open every single box just to figure out what room it should be in. If you need something quick, you are pretty much out of luck. We always label every single box with your name, what room it came out of and it's contents. That makes your life a lot easier when it comes time to unpack. I might also state that if we transport everything to your new home, we always place everything in the appropriate room as we take it off the truck. That makes the job of unpacking everything much more pleasant of an undertaking.

4. What types of boxes you use doesn't matter. It does matter. Most boxes you find behind dollar stores or liquor shops are just not strong enough to protect your fragile items during a move. They crush too easily, causing damage to the contents. Heavier items like books should be packed in smaller boxes, whereas dishes and china should always be packed in heavy duty dish pack boxes that resist crushing. Should you choose us to do the packing, we will work with you to decide exactly what we need to get the job done right and will then bring the proper packing supplies with us.

5. Moving yourself is a lot cheaper then hiring a professional moving company to do the job. Not always true. If you look at our Moving Statistics page, you will see that the average self-move costs are equal to or less then the actual costs of moving yourself. Every case is different, but there are a lot of hidden charges associated with renting a U-haul and tackling the job on your own. There are the fuel costs, (with the average rental truck getting no more then 10 mpg). You have to also buy or rent all the equipment such as dollies, two-wheelers, and moving pads for wrapping the furniture. You then buy all the packing supplies and consider how to solicit all the help you need. There are other issues to consider. Depending on the truck you rent, you can only carry 1 or 2 passengers max, and you can only tow one car. Only the person on the rental agreement can drive the truck. Your reservation is not a guarantee that they will have the truck you need at the date and time you need it. Even though you may only need the truck for a few hours, they charge for a full 24 hour period. The list goes on and on. Check out this article in the Boston Globe by Kevin Cullen entitled, “You haul, and you may get ripped off as well.” It talks about a guy that rented a U-haul for $19.95 and ended up paying $1,200.00. With us, you don't have to worry about that EVER! We charge a flat hourly rate. If we do the packing, you pay what we pay for the packing supplies. That is it. Nothing else. Period. Everything from the insurance, to our movers, to the fuel, etc. is all included in our flat hourly rate.

6. You get to ride with the movers in the truck! Trust me, you wouldn't want to. Remember, by the time we climb in the truck to move your goods, we have been working for a while and are probably hot and sweaty. Our truck will carry three people including the driver, and we will most likely have three people doing the job. Most commonly, once we are packed and loaded, we will follow you to your new home, so you don't need to worry about where we are going. You'll be able to see us in your rear view mirror the whole time.

7. There is nothing you can do to save money when hiring professional movers. There is plenty you can do! Remember, we charge by the hour, so anything you can do to save time for us will save you money in the end. Please check out my blog entitled, “How To Save Money When Hiring Professional Movers” to see a lot of tips about how to save money along the way. Our goal is not to take you for everything you own. We will find a way to best fit our services within your needs and budget. We sincerely want to EARN our living by doing a great job for you, and will do anything in our power to make sure you are happy that you hired us.

I hope you will consider using us for your next move. If you are still trying to decide; please give us a call. We can arrange to come out and meet you face to face. In doing so, you can see for yourself exactly who we are, and we can get a good look at what you have so that we can give you a realistic estimate of how long it should take. We won't harass, pressure or intimidate you. We are just a small company, owned and operated right here in the heart of Oklahoma, and we believe in doing things the good old-fashioned way. And that is through hard work, fantastic customer service, honesty and having a passion for what we do. Give us a call and see why we always say, “We arrive as strangers, but leave as friends.”.

If you are planning a move, you are no doubt beginning to feel your stress level rise. Statistically speaking, moving is the third highest cause of stress in America, topped only by divorce and the death of a family member. There is so much to do as you prepare to start a new life; from address changes, goodbye parties, accounts to change, meetings and appointments. The todo list is a mile long. To top it all off, the job of packing and moving everything you own is constantly hanging over your shoulders. But, that is where we come in. We really want to help.

At some point, most people will be faced with the decision of hiring a professional moving company to do the job, or renting a moving truck and doing it themselves. If you are one of those people facing the decision, I'd like to clear up a few of the myths you've probably heard about moving companies. Some of them are just not true.

U-Haul vs Sooner Moving