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“Moving,” it sounds so easy, yet anyone who has ever packed up their home for a move knows the frustrations involved.

You spend days gathering boxes, tape, newspapers, and all the other things you need to get ready for your move. Boxes are expensive, so you search behind liquor stores, dollar stores and even look on Craigslist. It's a time-consuming job, but you don't mind. By doing the packing yourself, you save a heap of money and that's a just reward for all your efforts. Finally, with a car load full of cardboard, you head home. You tape together a few boxes and start to fill them up. This is easy your exclaim! All is going as planned. You have two rooms done and you couldn't be more proud! It's then that you realize you only have one box left and so with seven rooms to go, you head out to gather more. Another run by Walmart for more tape and bubble-wrap and you head back home to continue the job. A third room is done now and you head to the dining room. By now, you feel like a pro, so straight to the antique glass china cabinet you go. You know, the one you inherited from your great-great Grandmother, (God rest her weary soul). Realizing you are out of wrapping paper, and tired of spending money on supplies, you start to wrap your treasures in whatever you can find. Feeling slightly uneasy, you write “Fragile” in big bold letters on every side of the box; you even circle and underline it just for safe measure! “That ought to do it” you say under your breath.

You are feeling fatigued now. Box after box gets packed and yet it seems like you're getting nowhere! You are running low on boxes again, so you start to cram stuff in trash bags and those left over Walmart sacks. As you labor away, you can't help but think about all the other things you have to get done before the day is through. You have a to-do list a mile long, and yet there you sit in a pile of boxes with no hope of rescue. You take a quick break to call upon your friends for help, but although they would all “love to be there,” they just happen to be all tied up at the moment. It's okay, you are a very understanding person and despite the stress and exhaustion, you know you can handle this. The clock ticks away until finally, the mountain has been conquered. You stand up in true Rocky fashion… arms held high in the air as you sing a verse from “Eye of the Tiger,” and do your victory dance. And then you collapse.

Upon arrival at your new home, you begin to unpack. Most boxes made it okay, but there sits your box marked “fragile”, and it's half crushed. You don't dare open it. You try to prepare yourself emotionally for the inevitable, but your efforts are in vain. A single tear runs down your cheek as you face the truth. Not only are two of the dishes destroyed, but your prized gravy bowl is a family heirloom no more.

What should have been a happy time for you and your family has become a moment of high-anxiety and major disappointment.

It doesn't have to be like that. Like so many things in life, trying to save a few dollars can end up costing you more in the end. A single phone call to us would have made all the difference in the world.

So, let's rewrite this story.
With moving day quickly arriving, you decide to make a few phone calls to see if anyone you know has used a local moving company. Your best friend tells you about Sooner Moving and so you give us a call. A pleasant conversation later and the job is scheduled. You change your focus to goodbye parties and the like. Moving day finally arrives and we show up as planned with all the supplies we could possibly need.

After a quick tour of the home, we get to work. You stand back in awe as we masterfully pack everything you own. Like Rembrandt painting a beautiful scene, we quickly tuck away every last item you have into a heavy duty box, tape it shut and mark it with it's contents.

Now that everything is packed, we begin to load the truck. You appreciate the fact that we cover every piece of furniture with a heavy duty blanket to prevent scratches and then, with skill of a master Tetris player, we arrange everything in the truck. With the final pieces set, and the load strapped, we shut the door, load the ramp and get ready to go.

As we head to your new home, you feel much more relaxed then you ever thought possible. Those are some really nice guys you think to yourself. As we pull into the drive, you are anxious to show off your new home. You proudly show us around and we talk about where everything goes. We open the doors to the truck, set down the ramp and piece by wonderful piece, we bring in all your furniture and boxes and set them in their proper place. You wander to the dining room and smile a little. You think to yourself, I look at you and tell you what a beautiful cabinet that is. You tell me about your Grandmother and how she left it to you… you are so happy to have it home. You open the box marked “Fragile,” and proudly pull out your prized gravy bowl. I look away for a moment, pretending not to notice that you have a tear rolling down your cheek as you put it back in the cabinet knowing that Granny is looking down from the Heavens with a big smile on her face.

Mission accomplished. We are tired and sweaty from a hard days work, but we our all so happy to see that you are home again, and we are thankful that we got to be a part of it. We drive away talking about what a great new friend we made and how proud we are of the job we did. Meanwhile, you close the door, pick up your phone and call your best friend… “Thank you,” you say, “they were great,” and you tell her you are home.

We are Sooner Moving. We love people and we love what we do. This story, although colorful, is exactly how a typical move for us goes. We hope that you will choose us when it comes time for you to move… not only because it's how we earn a living, but also because we really truly look forward to meeting you, and we know that we are the right team for the job. We will take care of you just as we would want someone to take care of us. It is the golden rule, and the words we live by.

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